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Welcome to Fu Jen Global, in which a world of meaningful opportunities awaits you!

To build a more sustainable and just society, we collaborate with partners worldwide. We strengthen international partnerships to enhance global engagement because it has always been one of the top priorities at FJCU. Fu Jen Global is the hub in which various options of activities are offered for students, faculty, staff, and communities to create international connections. Currently, Fu Jen Global offers the Bachelor's Program in Interdisciplinary Studies (BPIS).

Fu Jen Global focuses on developing and promoting international education and engagement. To carry out the motto of the University: Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Holiness, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and international learning environment for all. By working closely with our students, faculty, and staff, we coordinate activities and initiatives to strengthen global affairs.

Fu Jen Global provides an abundance of resources such as consultation, workshops, seminars, talks, conferences, forums, and many more. At FJCU, we foster intercultural connections and celebrate diversity.
An amazing lineup of special events await you!

1. Broaden students' international horizons.
2. Support social inclusivity.
3. Engage in collaboration to address grand challenges.
4. Nurture interdisciplinary talents.
5. Facilitate international relations between FJCU and other institutions.
6. Foster academia-industry partnerships.

1. Full English-Taught Program and Courses
Fu Jen Global offers the Bachelor's Program in Interdisciplinary Studies (BPIS), which provides a wide array of courses that span across culture, communication, international business management, entrepreneurship, mandarin learning, and Chinese/Taiwanese culture.

2. Professional 
Our highly credentialed faculty are committed to teaching, research, and mentorship. As experts in their respective fields, they are dedicated to supporting transformative and innovative learning that will help students achieve their goals.

3. Diverse international activities and a global mindset are quintessential 
in an increasingly interconnected world. We facilitate, bridge, and coordinate international activities for our students, faculty, staff, and community members.

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Prof. Yaonan LIN

林耀南 教授
Prof. Yaonan LIN

Ph.D., Golden Gate University, U.S.A

Current Position  
Dean, Office of International Education
Dean, Fu Jen Global
Professor, Department of Business Administration

Office:  Room 112A, Cardinal Tien Memorial Hall
Tel:    +886-2-2905-2061
Email:  065999@mail.fju.edu.tw


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