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The goal of BPIS is to equip students with a quality education in both theoretical and practical fields, and by doing so, to help them to gain knowledge and practical skills in the areas of administration of international organizations, cross-border marketing, and global sustainability.

BPIS emphasizes both theory and practice. In the second year, in order to strengthen students' emotional abilities for cultural adaptation, the students take part in a service-learning program. Moreover, through the practice program, the students are also exposed to the concept of social enterprise and to the management of various social enterprises in Taiwan.
In the third year, the students undergo practical training in selected industries and thus become better disposed to compete in the labor market upon graduation.
In order to link students with industries and the global working environment, BPIS also provides internship opportunities for senior-year students. The students can undertake a long-term internship (for one semester) in business companies or other organizations in Taiwan or overseas, through which they can further broaden their horizons, and gain deeper working experience.   88Mega