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How to Apply

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Degree:Bachelor of Arts
FJCU Application System for International Students

【Admission Procedure】
Please visit the website:【Link】
Key Dates: 【Link】
Required Documents:【Link】

【 How to Apply】
Register online and upload the required materials
FJCU Application System for International Students

【Additional Documents Required】
1. Autobiography
2. Study plan (English)
    The program includes three fields: International Organization
    Administration, Cross-Border Marketing, and Global Sustainability City.
    Please briefly explain your motivation and academic interests.
3. English proficiency certificate or proof (e.g. transcript of the
    proficiency test, term paper, or additional documents that support
    the application)

4. Additional documents to support the application.

1. All courses are taught in English. Most textbooks are in English. All
    instructors communicate well in English.

2. Some courses in the field of Chinese language and culture are lectured
    in English and Chinese.

3. Chinese Mandarin classes (the below arrangements can help
    international students boost their Mandarin proficiency and enhance
    cultural adaption):
    (1) BPIS Mandarin required courses are included in the tuition fee.
    (2) The International Student Center offers 6-hour free evening
         Mandarin courses per week.
    (3) International students will be assigned buddies to improve their
         Chinese language abilities.
    (4) FJCU Center of Chinese Language and Culture offers additional fee-
         paying for Mandarin learning courses. 

*Please refer to the Admission Brochure (Fall, Spring) for detailed regulations.