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For the requirement of visa application, please contact the Taiwan Overseas Representative Office in/near your country. Please apply for the Resident Visa ideally. Neither with a Visa upon arrival nor with a Visa exemption, foreigners cannot ask for a visa extension or apply for a Resident Visa.

How to apply for a Resident Visa: Residents Visas for Foreign Students


Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

As an international student, your Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) is your temporary ID card and proves you have status as a resident in Taiwan. It is a very important document – ​​please safeguard it and pay close attention to its expiration date.

Whether you entered Taiwan with a Resident Visa or obtained a Resident Visa by changing your visa status while already in Taiwan, please remember to apply for the Alien Resident Certificate at the National Immigration Agency on the day after you arrive in Taiwan or within 15 days after You were issued a Resident Visa. For more information about applying, please see the attachments below.


How to apply for ARC: Please refer to